Strategic Plan – OLD

Empowering, serving and connecting the community and its people.


Our vision is to positively impact our community

and its people.


Our mission is to actively serve, empower and unlock the potential of the citizens of the Region through program delivery and community partnerships.

Operating Principles and Core Values

At St. Aidan’s Society we believe:

  • All citizens have a right to be free from abuse.
  • All people deserve support.
  • A strength based approach is critical and agency staff and representatives recognize existing skills in individuals and families and build upon these skills through relationship building and collaboration.
  • All people, regardless of race, creed or socio-economic status, are to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
  • In working with integrity as we represent the interests of our clients, agency and community.
  • In respect and consideration for the beliefs, traditions and cultures of citizens.
  • In accountability to those we serve, our community our partners and our funding bodies.
  • In striving for continuous improvement in our service delivery through the use of evaluations and best practise and the specification and measurement of outcomes.
  • In working towards improving outcomes for citizens in the most effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable way.
  • Strategic Priorities

    Community Engagement

    The agency will work collaboratively with all to create and realize shared visions that benefit our Region.


    The agency will involve persons served, families, agencies, stakeholders and community in all efforts.

    Cultivating a Collective Voice for Seniors

    Through strengthening the collective leadership of service providers, the agency will be leaders in collective impact.

    Core Competencies

    St. Aidan’s Society has a number of unique strengths. They are as follows:

    • We are respectful, trustworthy and collaborative in our approach with others.
    • We are inclusive.
    • We are passionate and active community members.
    • We are responsive to identified needs.
  • We are knowledgeable of community resources.
  • We are strong and valuable partners.
  • We believe in social innovations.
  • We are committed to serving this Region and its’ citizens.
  • Feedback And Privacy Policy


    St. Aidan’s Society is constantly looking at improving service delivery. Agency members will work towards the same goals and share the agency’s direction in responding to an ever changing environment. On-going evaluation will occur and feedback from all stakeholders will be sought.

    Our Partners