Complaint Policy

Contact the board directly with any questions or comments you have about the St. Aidan’s Society organization. Our focus is to serve, empower and unlock the potential with our programs and community partnerships and we value any feedback or recommendations you may have.

    A14 Complaints

    Complaints are an opportunity to consider organizational activities and to make changes that could improve programs, operations and services. It is imperative external stakeholders have a method to express complaints and the Society is viewed as taking these seriously. Prompt addressing of issues avoids escalations and demonstrates sound risk management practises.

    St. Aidan’s House Society provides stakeholders, funders, community members and persons served a simple and meaningful method of expressing complaints, comments and compliments. A complaints, comments and compliments link will be available on the agency website. Complainants will be provided with an option for lodging their complaint via website submission, telephone contact with the Board Chair or Designate or in writing with the full address being provided.

    All complaint information will be channelled to the Chair of the Board of Directors. The complaint, comment or compliment will be acknowledged by the Board Chair or Designate within 7 days and complainant will be advised that the complaint will be acted upon and provided a timeline for action. All information received via this avenue will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors for review. Documentation of the complaint must be kept and the complaint must also be documented in the Board Meeting Minutes.

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