9909 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray Alberta T9H 2K4 CA

CNIB provides community based supports focused on the rehabilitation needs of those who are blind or losing their sight.

Services that are available through CNIB include:

  • Emotional Support for help with adjustment to vision loss;
  • Independent Living Skills Training that can help with organizational and everyday living tasks, such as cooking and household organization;
  • Orientation and Mobility Training which can help individuals learn to be confident and safe in navigating their environment, crossing the street or learning to take public transit;
  • Low Vision Services and Assessments that can help individuals to find a magnification device that is specific to their needs and helps to clarify smaller print and other objects, making it easier to be independent for tasks like reading the mail;
  • Assistive Technology Support and Training that can help individuals find and learn how to use specialized pieces of technology with features designed for individuals with vision loss;
  • CNIB Shop carries specialized items, such as talking and audible products;
  • CNIB Library Services allow clients to access accessible literature (books and magazines), both locally at public libraries and direct through the mail. has helpful “how-to” videos and resources for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Contact CNIB to find out more about our services, become a client, and/or speak with an eye care professional — who can make a referral directly to CNIB.