COVID-19 Scams


COVID-19 Scams


19. March 2020


Unfortunately, there are people taking advantage of others at a very difficult time. Please be aware of the following scams and share them with others.

If you receive the following please don’t click on it or try this link. This is a scam and will not connect you to the Federal programs available.

COVID-19 testing

You may receive a call from “Alberta Health Services” telling you that you need to be tested for the virus and asking for your credit card number. This is not really Alberta Health Services. It is a scam. Nobody will be calling you to say you need to be tested. Please remember that giving out personal information or credit card information to anyone you have not contacted yourself is not recommended.

Red Cross face masks

The Canadian Red Cross is warning of a fraudulent offer for face masks that is circulating by text, email and on social media. The sender claims to be the Red Cross and is offering to give away or sell face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not a valid offer. The Red Cross advises anyone who receives this message to delete it immediately. Do not click on the link or respond.

March Is Fraud Prevention Month

If you receive any calls or emails offering a product or service and asking for your credit card information, please reach out to a trusted family member or friend to determine if it is a legitimate offer.

Should you be aware of any other scams, please contact us at 780.743.4370 ext. 4 or email to let us know and we can add to this resource. Stay safe!

Created by Stefan Pakic