Service Delivery

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The Seniors’ Advocate Service Delivery program will be responsible for collecting an exhaustive list of relevant and culturally appropriate resources and services available to seniors, families, care takers and service providers in the Region.  This base of information will be made available on-line and there is an aim to have an ability to provide print copies as well.

Using the accumulated list of resources as a guide, a community assessment will be completed and a ‘report card’ completed.  This report card will offer an analysis of the assets and gaps in our Region as it relates to Seniors.  This assessment will measure the community’s capacity to respond to the challenges which impact Senior safety, security, social participation and inclusion.   Gaps that are present within the Region that apply to Seniors and their Caregivers will be identified and strategies to address unmet needs will be provided.  Once available, the report card will serve as a tool for senior focused committees and agencies to assist with future program service delivery planning and sustainability.

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